vendredi 5 août 2011

Cloudy travel thoughts

When we travel, now, the first thing we expect from a hotel or vacation rental is an excellent Internet connection.
I just had an experience in Germany with an erratic, extremely slow connection. All of a sudden, Kaputt! No mail, no Facebook, no Google+, no Twitter, no Foursquare, no Dropbox. Goodbye cloud!
Then iTunes asks for a new iPhone software version update. “Would you like to download it and update your iPhone now?” Are you crazy?! 19 hours… At home, it took 7 minutes…
  • Use the smartphone and your 3G connection instead? In a foreign country, don’t even think about it. It would cost you a fortune… And remember: for European phone operators, there is no such a thing as Europe : they only know European "foreign" nations. 
  • Talk to a manager in the hotel? Good luck, they do not understand anything about Wi-fi, connections... For them it is secondary. It is not in their training, not in the list of urgent priorities: they care about your minibar, but Internet, they have no idea! 
A breakdown is always a revealing experience for judging the importance of a service, a product. When everything works you don't pay attention. No TV, no problem. No newspaper, who cares.
No Internet connection? I want to go home. For travelers, Internet is now taken for granted. They all want their Web connection.
Hotels and rentals have to reconsider their priorities. Wi-Fi should not only be free: it should work.

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Simona Candrian a dit…

That’s why travelling means to me a time of no connection, an internet-free-zone. While other people force themselves or experiment to be without internet or cell-phone for a while, I just go out of the country. I usually don’t travel for business but only for leisure, what makes a little difference, that I’m aware of. No connection, already gives me now a feeling of vacation and I like it. The hotels often offer a Free-Wi-fi but I never expect it to work (by the way an interesting observation that I’ve done: the cheaper the hotel, the better and cheaper the Wi-fi). On vacation it’s enough to pass by a Starbucks from time to time, to check the news and the mailbox. But I have to admit that it gets each year more difficult to be offline. Cause I get more and more used to it, when I’m in Switzerland.
What I never forget, is to tell everybody per What’s App and Facebook that I’m disconnected for the weekend (or whatever time), so they don’t accept a quick response. That’s may be also a sign for addiction.