jeudi 25 décembre 2014

The old age of news

According to Nielsen, the median age of American TV news channel viewers is :

58 for CNN, 61 for MSNBC, 68 for Fox News (prime time)
61 for CNN,  61 for MSNBC, 66 for Fox News (total day)

One can comment on these ratings in many ways: the evolution from one year to the next, the changes in programming (for instance, more series on CNN), the differences between networks (see Variety).

Any comment on the differences only helps to hide a major common fact: this audience is skewed towards older viewers (cfThe Atlantic).
Where are the younger generations? Where do young adults get their news from? The Web ? Facebook (see Facecast or Paper), YouTube, Reddit, Google News, Twitter? Are Fox News, CNN or MSNBC even part of their consideration set when it comes to "news"? Cord-nevers, they do not subscribe to pay TV.
Moreover, what do they (we) call news? How old would the audience be for so-called news networks, if we were to exclude entertainment and people from the "news" category and only include politics and economics? Is there still an audience for programs like what is celebrated on "The Newsroom"?
Let's face it: news is to be found on the net, on mobiles.

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#Boris226 a dit…

We assist a direct effect of the transformation of the consumer habits. The young generations are more using vectors such as un-linear contents, smartphones and tablets, to collect informations. They use other kinds of broadcasters, including the social networks which took a dominating space in the relay of real-time information.
The main news channels, and it is also true in France, realized this phenomenon and try to make their program younger by operating important transformations but it will take time to reverse the trend, if however it can be reversed.

Eléonor226 a dit…

This is just another illustration of what's happening to TV. Linear TV is not the only way to watch TV anymore. So with all the new devices and actors in TVnews, it is normal to see that the older consumers stick to TV whereas the younger ones chose other alternatives.

Newspapers face the same difficulties, and a PEW research center study of 2012, states that if the audience of classical newspapers is becoming older every year, the online newspaper audience, is getting younger and more feminin. The newspapers' websites are winning a new audience that they didn't have before thanks to their new online tools.

So maybe TV channels should envolve more their online services to win a new audience they never had before and solve the problem they are facing right now

Anonyme a dit…

For sure younger generations get their news on the net. Precisely on their cell phones, using social network and news app (Le Monde, Rue 89...) that pushes informations all day long.
That would maybe explain why younger generations are often the first ones to spread informations.
Twitter, Facebook and social networks are using to send, share and spread messages, Youtube and other broadcaster are using to show images, to empower the news.
We don't need to find a TV or the newspaper to get the information, it is right here in hour pocket.
CNN, MSNBC, Fox News must definitely reach us on this kind of device to get a younger audience.