mercredi 21 janvier 2015

DOOH joins the digital and interactive media mix

The Interactive Bureau of Advertising (IAB) announced the creation of a digital out-of-home task force whose job will be "to define the growing digital out-of-home space as a channel while positioning its place in the larger digital media mix and interactive advertising industry."
This is a tipping point for this business.

For the time being, member companies are: AdJuggler, AT&T AdWorks, Audience Entertainment, Billups, blinkx and Burst Media, Brandscreen, Cadreon, Cleveland Clinic, Havas Media, Intel, Kinetic Active, Live Nation, Magna Global, NBC Universal, NEC Vukunet, Outfront Media, Titan Outdoor, Visit Florida, Vistar Media, Xaxis.
Most of these companies are engaged, in different ways, in digital advertising solutions.
One can expect the IAB, as for other digital interactive advertising media, to recommend research, standards and practices not only for marketing campaigns but also for measurement and for privacy. All of which is sorely needed now for people and companies working in the field.

Out-Of-Home advertising is changing quickly: the combination of screen and smartphones makes it possible to reach consumers on the go, passing by windows, visiting malls, railroad stations, movie theaters, stadiums, subway stations, shopping at supermarkets...
Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH)  is now joining the digital media and its programmatic ecosystem with ad management platforms, adnetworks, adserving, audience measurement, real-time reporting, data collection, interactivity, media trading, publishers, geo- and context marketing, creative development, etc.
And RTB is just around the corner.
DOOH (or Digital Place Based, DPB) is becoming part of the economy of context with sensors of all kinds (beacons), an economy which will be accelerated et generalized by the Internet of Thing and wearables.

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Linda226 a dit…

Digital Out of Home is the most complementary media to traditional medias.
The reason for that is that digital out of home comes all day with people.
Indeed, this type of advertising exists in public transport (subway, bus stops,...), in different shops .
Digital out of home advertising is powerful because it brings dynamic contents, it can contain many different pictures and it constitutes a modern and innovative solution.


#Selina226 a dit…

This announcement is very positive for the DOOH segment. The advertising industry understood from a long time that we were moving increasingly towards a mobile, location-based world, where new opportunities emerge in understanding the consumer and his relationship to his environment. The agencies were exploring in different ways the expanding impact of digital in the out-of-home situation, including the roles of digital signage, smartphones and wearables. The instantaneous accessibility of location interconnected with external local factors such as weather, time of day and other data generated an innovative world for the advertisers. However, this rapid growth of this sector, measurement techniques are still not very accurate. For example, Nielsen has been subject to criticism that it has been slow to make for a more unified approach to account for all out-of-home viewing, including digital.