mardi 18 août 2009

The Power of Shopping Lists

Back to school, back to basics at CVS.
When money is scarce, the financial future uncertain, people start making lists when shopping. Household shopper as cost killer.
Planned instead of impulse buying. When there is less money, people "pay" (with) attention : reading labels, comparing prices, etc.
A way to resist temptation by in-store marketing. Which in return forces in-store marketing to improve its techniques. A virtuous circle.

The CVS store (pharamacy + food, school supplies, cosmetics, etc.) surfs the trend and proposes a list for its customers doing Back to school shopping.

School supply list for 9 to 12 grades (secondary school in Europe). August 2009. N.B. Not everything on the list is sold in the store. No brand name, no CVS logo.

Walmart too proposes a store shopping list online (the same as for online supermarkets).

Of course there are iPhone / iTouch applications for shopping lists:

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