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Programmatic ad buying for all video advertising markets

What is programmatic ad buying ? 
Instead of manual insertion orders, mails, RFPs, face-to-face human negotiations and lots of discussion, programmatic is mostly a world of data and automation, auctions, rules and market places. With traditional advertising, humans talk to humans (buyers to sales people) ; with programmatic advertising, machines talk to machines.
It all started with media buying for the Web (display ads). Programmatic takes over because it lowers transaction costs (information, bargaining, policing): less middle players are involved (but with new skills), meaning less friction, fewer mistakes, less waste. Only data-driven marketing can shorten the sales process, improve targeting efficiency and personalize ads (according to context, behavior, etc.). Programmatic ad buying will represent 42% of display ad buying in 2014 in the U.S.A. (source : Magna Global, September 2014).
What the Web started will soon affect TV planning and buying as well as Digital Out Of Home (DOOH). For the time being, the most current and well-known form of programmatic is Real Time Bidding (RTB), but there is also data-driven creative, real-time analytics (with GRPs), real time optimization, digital in-stream video ads, deals (Twixt, AppNexus)...

Programmatic for TV
In the USA, many TV networks are considering programmatic buying. ABC (national network owned by Disney) along with ABC Family will launch a trial this summer with FreeWheel, a company specialized in the monetization of video. FreeWheel was bought in March 2014 by Comcast. FreeWheel was originally started by ABC (through Steamboat Ventures, affiliate of Disney), DirecTV and TBS.
The trial will use FourFronts Programmatic, a software solution to connect SSP (ad sellers, supply) and DSP (ad buyers, demand). FreeWheel will provide inventory management and adserving. No linear inventory will be included, yet.
TV will slowly go programmatic, starting with cable or satellite channels, local stations or VOD before finally reaching the prime time upfront market (programmatic guaranteed). Cox Cable will use Clypd to sell commercials the programmatic way.
Note that in order to align with digital video, TV must first take viewability into account (selling only viewable impressions).
What needs to be tested first is the impact of automation on advertising value: even if the TV inventory is limited, TV networks fear a decline of advertising price as seen with Web programmatic.

Programmatic for Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) / Digital place-based media
To go programmatic, DOOH needs measurement techniques able to produce data to drive targeting. Data must include demos and geolocation (indoor positioning for subway or rail stations, malls or supermarkets) as well as "real world" context (aisles in store, etc.) to deliver relevant ads. In September, PumpTV (Australia) started automatically trading advertising (RTB) using a platform powered by Videology.
In-store analytics come with smartphones and sensors (iBeacon, Estimote, OnyxBeaconnomi, IndoorAtlas, etc.). Note that Apple iOS 8 keeps Wi-Fi from identifying iPhones (MAC address randomization).
There is also face recognition: with Eikeo or Quividi, as well as with NEC FieldAnalyst or with myAudience, advertisers can describe and target audiences according to gender, age group.
Many companies are already implementing programmatic in DOOH:  Xaxis Places, Vistar Media, SN: Xchange (Kinetic), PlaceIQ, Vukunetetc.
But, first, OOH needs accredited measurements (MRC, CESP) and reassuring privacy enforcement.

All video media are equal under programmatic
With data, all video media will embrace programmatic work flow. Digital video ad convergence means video ad campaigns (and GRPs) across all viewing platforms and devices.

Exemple : sociomantic (racheté par Tesco).

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