mercredi 15 avril 2015

TV programmatic: the future is coming

Programmatic advertising is a logical evolution of the digital market. Many signs show that TV will soon join the automated planning / buying process.
Not only will automation optimize transaction costs (workflow: RFP, invoicing, etc.) but data will greatly improve targeting precision and monetization.
First there will be a hybrid phase, with one part of the inventory still being sold manually for linear TV. Then, little by little, linear TV and video will converge: already Google and traditional people meter panels work together to bring common data to both in many countries.
  • The Clypd advertising platform just raised almost $20 million. Who invested? The RTL Group, followed by previous investors. The RTL Group, a major German media group, recently bought a majority of the video ad platform SpotXchange ($144 million).
  • TF1, the major French commercial broadcast channel, is launching One Exchange IPTV, Real Time Bidding (RTB) for catch-up TV programs (MYTF1).
  • Google brings its own tools to linear TV and OTT. In Kansas City, where Google provides GoogleFiber, DoubleClick has tested inserting addressable ads into linear set-top boxes (with mDialog, its "smart stream platform"). DoubleClick for Publishers will help publishers to forecast TV inventory and plans for the upfront market.
  • Videa (Cox Communications) partners with Videology for "converged cross-screen advertising across digital video and linear TV" (among Videology's investors: Comcast Ventures). Broadcast advertising campaigns will be optimized using data.
  • WideOrbit launches, with Tubmogul, a marketplace for local braodcast  (spot). Among WideOrbit Investors, Hearst Ventures.

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sebastien robin a dit…

and you re missing the job done by tubemogul for the 1st programmatic superbowl ad

Blogger a dit…

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