mardi 20 août 2013

The end of 3D TV?

How is 3D TV doing ? Not well.
ESPN 3D has said it was stopping 3D production for sporting events by the end of 2013. The BBC also is stopping production and will not launch a 3D channel: why ? "lack of public appetite for the technology". In 2013, the French tennis open (Roland Garros) was not broadcast by France Television in 3D anymore.

Last year, Canal+ (France) stopped broadcasting its 3D channel in France. In Australia, Foxtel will stop broadcasting 3D programs next week. ESPN 3D will close at the end of the year, BT Sport calls 3D "a waste of time".
There are still 3D channels: in the US, DirecTV still has 3D lineup (with ESPN 3D and 3net), but for how long? ; in Turkey, 3D exists within Digiturk's package (with Discovery); in France, Orange offers 3D on canal 333 as well as some VOD and there is still a Canal+ 3D in Spain. And there is Sky3D in the UK.
Among the reasons mentioned by operators against 3D TV: the price of a 3D TV set, lack of programming, the need to wear special glasses at home...
Being "smart" for TV will not include 3D.
3D was supposed to be the next big thing for TV, people were supposed to buy expensive 3D TV sets... It will not happen.
For the time being, you can still watch 3D movies in theaters...

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