lundi 30 mai 2011

Oprah's show is over: TV still rocks

After 17 years (February 21, 1994), the final episode of the famous syndicated talk show delivered its best audience. The last episode of a series is always an event. The best rating was in Atlanta, followed by Philadelphia and Chicago where Oprah started. Her core audience: household managers, family decision makers, mothers. Each thirty-second spot sold for 1 million dollars ; among the buyers were many movie companies. Major advertisers have always loved Oprah's talk show audience.
Such a price says a lot about TV as a commercial medium. TV rocks.
With the exception of football, no show does as well as Oprah during daytime. "American Idol" (Fox) delivers a  big audience, but it is prime time and the reality show does not have as good a reputation as "Oprah". By far.
See her on cable, on her OWN network.

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