jeudi 27 juin 2013

How new a media is Facebook

  • 1 million advertisers / month (28 days) : very big and very small, SMBs and local
  • Increasingly a true worldwide media
  • Moving fast. Example, in a week or so, Facebook introduced: hashtags, new advertising formats, social gifting with Amazon, new metrics (PTAT), etc.
  • Mobile first: Facebook, and of course Instagram - now going video - are primarily mobile media. Facebook's Home, a tentative innovative User Interface, might look like a mistake for the time being but the next attempt might be the good one.
  • Next? A Facebook news reader? We'll see...

  • Of course, Facebook makes mistakes; of course there are failures, but there are also successes. By doing so much, Facebook is no doubt learning a lot.
    In comparison, think of traditional media, such slow media. There are more changes with Facebook in one week than in those media over an entire year.

    What makes Facebook so different? What are traditional media missing?
    The pace of change, the daring to risk. The key, according to Mark Zuckerberg? "Move fast and break things","Done is better than perfect"...

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